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Check out some of today's savings

The name of our business is PARTY and we are dam good at it! that said we are not really into the hotel business so as long as you book one of our party activities we will let you book under our travel agency rates, is that simple, we dare you to compare our prices to any booking website you like if you see that we can save you some money with us thats awesome, if not you can just go ahead and book your hotel somewhere else.



Besides the best  hotel rates, how would you like to not have to worry about a single thing on your party trip? From your all inclusive hotel booking at the best prices to airport transfers have your night and day party activities all set up ad ready to go with our party ninjas waiting for you to make sure you have the best time possible every night and day, well welcome to Rockstarcrawls trips where the only thing you have to worry about is having fun!


How does it work?


Its easy as 1, 2 ,3, just fill out the form below, tell us the dates or possible dates of travel, we will send you the best hotel options available for you and recommend the best party activities during those dates and thats it receive your quote let us know which party activities you would like to attend and be ready to have a great time! (If you like the hotel rate but don't want a whole package you can book a single activity with us and still get the great hotel rate)


How do you get those great hotel rates?


We give you free access to our travel agent booking platform where you will get same rates as travel agents saving you big on hotel rates, don't believe us? Try us! is easy as to compare our rates to the booking platform you usually use, nothing to loose and a lot to gain! (The only thing we ask in exchange is for you to book at least one of our party activities.


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